Quality Fuel Products in East Longmeadow, MA

Here at Donovan Oil, we offer quality fuel products for all your home and business needs. Located in East Longmeadow MA, and serving Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut, our family owned business will strive to offer you not only the best products available, but the best service as well. Please call us at 413-525-2933 to schedule a delivery.

Home Heating Oil

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Using oil provides you with safe, reliable, and affordable heating. Here at Donovan Oil we supply top-quality #2 home heating oil at the best prices in the area. We offer our automatic home heating oil delivery service so that you can be free of concern this heating season.


Kerosene can be used for radiant or convection heating needs and will quickly provide reliable, and even comfort to areas of your home. For your convenience, we now offer #1 kerosene fuel available for purchase by the gallon at our office. Kerosene heating equipment requires no electricity, so you will no longer have to worry about losing heat if you lose power. Kerosene is a versatile home energy source since it can also be used to fuel lanterns and stoves.

Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Off Road Diesel Fuel

Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Off Road Diesel Fuel ThinkstockPhotos-501026897.jpg

If you're in need of off road fuel to power your business's agricultural or construction equipment, than look no further than Donovan Oil. We supply high quality dyed ultra low sulfur off road diesel fuel at incredibly competitive rates.

Ultra Low Sulfur On Road Diesel Fuel

Ultra Low Sulfur On Road Diesel Fuel ThinkstockPhotos-599922798.jpg

Our reasonably priced diesel fuel can be used to power a wide range of on road vehicles for your business. The ultra low sulfur diesel fuel we offer helps promote better efficiency for your vehicles.